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Belgiums finest corkballs throughout our company. A hookbait with high buoyancy to attach to your pop-up rig. No matter what rig! When you attach one of our corkballs, your rig will be held up for days! An outer layer mix who went through trial and error and which has been tested, upgraded and perfected for more than a year. A mix containing the finest meals, milks, binders and hardeners for a smooth finish. A mix containing hardeners at is maximum level to make them rockhard without bursting in the outher layer.

Approved by our team and underwater friends!!

Our range of cork consist:

* Corks compatible to our boilierange

* Corks containing current available flavours and attractors

* My favourite thing to do: Corks containing oldschool flavour and attractors from brands such as Hutchie, Nash, Solar, Purple Products, Geoff Kemp, Dave Thorpe etc etc.

* An unique custom corkball rollservice. Check out our custom corkballs page!

Oldschool Cool! A blast from the past!

Over at Dope HQ we are thrilled about old school flavours. We've been collecting them since 2019. Old flavours from several brands which don't produce these gems anymore. Gems which brought the carp industry a whole new level of bait back in the days. Flavours from pioneers wich are sadly no longer amongst us! Our idea with these flavours is giving the old generation a flashback to their past and giving the new generation a glimpse of how it was! In my humble opinion 2 different worlds! These gems will be used for our corkball pop-up range! Limited in offer as we only have limited bottles of several brands. Some will be available longer than others, depending on what flavour. In our stock we have flavours from brands such as Purple Products, Hutchie, Nash, DT, Geoff Kemp, Cotswold Baits, Starbaits, SBS etc etc. Don't forget to check out our custom corkballs page. If you want to be unique here is your chance!

Don't forget to enjoy fishing and smell the flowers along the way!

Best fishes!

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Collecting your order is possible. Please make an appointment by mail, phone, whatsapp or chat on social media