Berry Delight

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Our range couldn't go without a berry flavoured corker. For this one we've chosen to work with good old 'Nutrabaits' Cranberry as main flavour.

We'll start with the goodies our mix contains:

This mix contains a good dosage of Nash's old Fruit powdered Palatant, old Fruit Factor 6 wich could not be missed in this mix, homemade powdered Cranberry stim, some Monster Sweetner + NHDC to sweeten things up and some Butyric Acid powder, wich carp simple can not resist!

For the liquid pack we've chosen to use a fair amount of Nutrabaits old Cranberry blended with some of Nash's Strawberry Sense Appeal, Purple Products Fruit Sense Appeal, Hutchies Fruit Frenzy, Dave Thorpe's LMPSE and finished this combo of with some NHDC Liquid, Butyric and Milk Acid 


Available in Fluoish Pink 15/16mm


A tub contains 25 Hookbaits