Dope x Forgotten Flavours cherry collab

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Hey peeps, me and Dieter from @forgottenflavours have come up with a special'un.

Ever since Dieter got his hands on Nashy's Cherry, which was never released to the public back in Nash's flavour haydays, I knew we would be able to create something special together. It was just a matter of time getting all the components and ingredients right for the job. The Cherry flavour Dieter acquired through his good friend Mark Sargeant, @carpsarge , who was kind enough to donate all of the Cherry he owned to Dieter, a few years ago now. Thanks to Dieter, i now own 3 bottles aswell and we were able to make an unique collab together!

Now the juicy part! This collab features original Nash's Cherry, is combined with Cherry Blackheart from DT, proper Minamino, LMSE, Strawberry oils & Cherry extracts plus fruit appetite stimulant powders.

Dieter from @forgottenflavours has been a friend for a good couple years now, he's also the guy who helped me out alot when i started my business @dopebaitcompany. Thanks buddy

Very limited pots of corkballs are in circulation, and we've split them in between the two of us.

You can find them at:

Pop ups :14mm only - 100ml tub -14.99€
Corkballs: 14 a 15mm - 30 corkballs a tub -18.99€

Dropping at 11/09/22 | 6PM EU - 5PM UK TIME