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This corkball is not based on oldskool flavours but is based on a oldskool boilie recipe wich good friend Philip Dupont former owner of Purple Products had back in the days. This corkball used to be in 'old' range but due the reqeust to keep this one in the range i couldn't just say no. This corkers has been improved in term of mix and has been transformed in a new color.

This mix of this corker now contains the famous herb mixes such as Purple Batman and Purple Robin. Back in the days these herb mixes were adored by many anglers thru our continent. When added to our Milk/Protein mix this alone gives you a smell and taste wich carp simply cannot resist! To finish this mix we gave it a pinch of Citric Acid, Monster Sweetner + NHDC and some homemade Cinnamon and Orange powdered stims. 

The flavour package of this corker contains a good balance between Cinnamon and Orange flavours and we rounded that of with some Milk Acid!

This corker already has a track record of catching fish, just as the boilie did back in the days!


Available in Orange 15/16mm


A tub contains 25 hookbaits