Since the introduction of pop ups back in the days, our carp industry changed for the better. These buoyant hookbaits managed to seduce carp around the globe, any season of the year! 
Our company strives to make sure our pop ups are made to hold any rig up, no matter what size hooks you're using! Giving you the confidence when you'll go to sleep, you'll be sure they'll keep the float alive! Even after several days! Simple as that!
Dope will foresee you carp anglers with pop ups containing  a superbe buoyancy mix consisting the finest flavours in combination with the best powdered and liquid stimulators money can buy. All our pop ups underwent several curing processes, making them the perfect single hookbait!! All this for an affordable price!

Our range will contain pop ups consisting:
* Pop ups consisting modern flavours packed in 100ml tubs 
* Limited edition pop ups consisting oldschool flavour packed in 100 or 150 ml tubs. Depends on how mutch bottles we have of these flagship flavours