Custom corkballs

Do you like to fish with something exclusive? Be unique and create your custom corkball pop-ups! There are 3 options for private sell!

Option 1:

Match the hatch corks from your favourite boiliemix. You deliver your own boiliemix together with 10ml of your flavour or flavour blend. I leave the curing of the corks up to you. Minimum order is 5 tubs in this option. 5 tubs = 150gr dry mix. For prices please contact us! 

Option 2:

You ask us to roll any color with our homemade mix. No flavour is added when making your paste. Once ready, you can cure them the way you want. Anything can be added to our mix according to your wishes! For example NHDC, dextrose, other sugars, powder attractors, meals, salt, pepper, etc etc. Just keep in mind when mixing, certain meals make your mix so dark you can't use any color. If your flavour is dark in color, this will also have an influence on the color of cork after you cured them! Minimum order is 5 tubs. For prices please contact us! 

Option 3:

Custom corks rolled on our homemade mix with any flavour, both old school flavors and modern flavours. Everything can be rolled as you wish, both in terms of flavors and powder additives. I roll a minimum of 5 tubs of each order. A one egger mix contains 5 tubs. Do you only want 1 tub? No problem, but then you have to accept that the 4 other tubs will be sold to competitors. If you prefer your personalized corkballs are for your eyes only, there is a minimum purchase of 5 tubs. For prices please contact us!

Some examples from oldschool flavours my flavecave contains brands such as Hutchie , Nash, Purple Products, Dave Thorpe, Geoff Kemp, SBS, Premier Baits, Cotswold Baits, Starbaits (Performance range aswell), Nutrabaits etc etc. Don't hesitate to ask us if your favourite flavour is in our possession!





Custom corkballs will only be accepted if time allows me to roll them! As a one man team with a full time dayjob it's not easy to roll every demand. I have my range to keep available as well. Thanks for your understanding.                              

 For more info don't hesitate to send us a message!