Collab Biologic x Dope Wafter, hardhooker and pop up

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Hardhooker: Liver Seafood
Rolled on Daniels hardhook mix containing biologics Robin Red. The flavour package on these is something else. A blend of Biologics Liver, Crab, Mediterranean Shelfish, Shrimp & Salmon blend complemented with Milk B, Superstim, DMPT, NBA, a mix of E.O and finished with hutchies old Protaste Sweetner.
Pop up: Monstercrab Mulberry
Daniels pop up mix containing GLM full fat, Nutrabaits Liver Attract, Biologics Amino blend, Superstim and DMPT. The flavour of these pop ups contains Hutchies Mulberry Florentine, Hutchies Monstercrab, Monstercrab ( Biologic) , Monstercrab (JB), Sweet Cajouser (Nutrabaits) and Ambiol (Carp Company)
Wafter: Whiskey Creams
A blend containing Nash Whiskey Oil, Biologic Whiskey Alcohol, Nash Condensed Milk Oil, Biologics Condensed Milk (Pg), Nutrabaits Red Spanish Thyme, NBA, DMPT, Superstim, Sweetner, Coconut powder and Milk B
Packed in 100 ml tubs

*Stored cool and in dark places, don't leave them in bright sunlight!
Note: Check out the positioning of your rig before putting out your pop-up rig!