Green Zing

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Green Zing:


Green Zing is originally famous created by Geoff Kemp. Someone who had an amazing flavour range wich really made a difference in our carp industry!! Hard to describe what it exactly is. We can describe it as a fruity/sweet flavour with a huge track record from the good 'old' days till now. Green Zing is a winner during the colder seasons meaning they are at their best during the winter and spring. Thanks to a good friend, we acquire what the blend really consists! A mix of 2 chemical compounds and Geoff used some other liquids to make it go softer. Dope HQ made a version that is a bit more breathtaking. Meaning we didn't put as mutch liquids Geoff used to make it go softer! Just try em, they are the perfect singles to be used in colder periods!!


Available in 15mm washed out green


Packed in 100ml tubs.


Stored cool and in dark places, don't leave them in bright sunlight!