Red Organex

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Red Organex!? How did you come up with that name? Well, this blend contains Liver, Red Liver and Scopex. Liver is an organ, we've used the ex from scopex and put the red from Red Liver in front of it. This blend is 100% made from oldskool flavours and could be the edge you need! With this said, you can guess the blend!

Red only in 12 mm and 16mm

Here it goes:

Scopex (Nash nr1)

Red liver (Nash)

Liver (Purple Products)

Amino Liver Concentrate (Nash)

PPC (Nutrabaits) 

NHDC liquid 

Betaïne liquid 


*Approx 30 grams a tub

*Stored cool and in dark places, don't leave them in bright sunlight!

Note: Check out the positioning of your rig before putting out your pop-up rig! Putty might be needed!