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Shellies the name gives away what it actually could be. A mixture containing several fish meals complented with a liquid package containing several Shellfish flavours.

Let's start with the mix. This mix contains Herring, Krill, PDF and sieved Crab meal. Powdered Fish Stim, Himalayan Rocksalt, Monster Sweetner + NHDC and Butyric Acid were used to finish of this mix.

The liquid package of these dark colored corkers contains Hutchies Crustacé Sense Appeal, Lobster, Crayfish and some old Purple Products Shellfish flavours not shown on the pic. This combo has been complemented with Nash's Seafood blend, Nash's Shellfish Sense Appeal, NHDC liquid and finished of with some Butyric and Milk Acid.


Available in dark greyish color 15/16mil


A tub contains 25 hookbaits